Godzilla Singular Point – 1

Godzilla is here!

Needless to say, this is a major divergence for us. Working on Godzilla was a breath of fresh air for our lead translator Sino, our timer/encoder Jes, and our typesetter dez who have been with us since the beginning. Our members who joined within the past year had a great time working on something new, too.

If you’ve never seen us before, hello! We mainly sub Sunday morning kids anime, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we also watch other anime and have been considering other shows to pick up.

If you’re expecting Pri☆Chan or Mewkle, don’t worry – we haven’t dropped them. Picking up Godzilla shouldn’t make a significant impact for the time being. We’re lagging behind in those shows due to life commitments of key staff, so a slight team reshuffle puts Godzilla in its own release timeline. We encourage you to check the show out regardless!

Incidentally, we never announced that we had stopped recruiting. If you want to lend a hand in any of our shows, drop us a message on Twitter or message basil#3517 (spare me the anxiety) and we can have a casual chat about it. We’re looking for a translator in particular to work on Pri☆Chan, so if that’s up your alley then get in touch!

One more thing: we currently intend on subbing Godzilla to its finale. This is unless PAS, another group who are anyone but strangers to subbing Orange anime, gets a team together for it. They do fantastic work, and we’re more than happy to pass the baton to them if they’re in a good position.

Having a choice between two groups is certainly a positive. However, as much as we all like anime at Moyai, we need to strike a realistic balance of ensuring the shows we enjoy have decent subs, and the opportunity cost of subbing a show alongside another group that does great releases.

Feedback is appreciated as always. We hope you enjoy!


TL: Sino
TL Check: Sino
Editing: basil
Typesetting: Sodra, dez, kaxi
Timing: Jes, Clov
QC: basil, Combo
Special Thanks: bean


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