Tomorrow’s Nadja – A 16-Year-Old’s Journey (Novel)

明日のナージャ 16歳の旅立ち (Ashita no Nadja – 16-Sai no Tabidachi)

Nadja will soon be 16. At the end of her long journey, she reunited at last with her long-lost mother Colette as the two now pass their days in Vienna. Soon, a grand ball will be held to celebrate Nadja’s birthday. She was content—but something loomed in the depths of her heart. “Why am I the only one blessed with good fortune? What about my Applefield siblings who I once lived with?” Nadja, the Girl of Destiny, came to a resolute decision.

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The novel was released in September 2017 – a little over 13 years after Ashita no Nadja’s runtime. It was written by the original screenwriter Tomoko Konparu.

This is a direct sequel to the anime. If you haven’t seen it, please do – there are major plot spoilers on the very first page! It would sadden me if you decide to skip out on Nadja’s epic romp across Europe, but the author made her best effort to keep this story accessible to those unfamiliar with the show. So who am I to decide for you?

The Goddess of Destiny beckons! I hope you enjoy this latest chapter of Nadja’s story.

Translation by me.
Special thanks to dummy, my dear friend, for his help with proofreading my work.

Note: The PDF is bookmarked by chapter.

A Little Story From Me

“Hey, I see you come here a lot. Can I ask what you’re working on?”
“Translating a book. It’s a secret though.”

It wasn’t a secret, of course. I was merely being overly self-conscious about subjecting my work, and by extension myself, to criticism. The man asked no further questions. Months passed, and then a year. This fellow was still there, serving my coffee and greeting every customer with cheer. We never chatted much, but his encouraging presence always lifted my spirit and gave me the motivation to keep working on this project.

His kind gestures I witnessed every week went a long way. Over time my aversion to cultivating this project subsided, and it served as an important reminder that it’s okay to screw up. You’ll never know if you don’t try, and Nadja’s optimism fully embodies this belief. I’d like to tell this fellow at the cafe that I finished what I set out to do, once the world returns to normal.

This is my first major translation attempt. If you enjoyed it, I’d love to hear from you. If you didn’t, I’d love to hear from you too. I’m sure the mad dashes me and my friends here have committed to for PriChan and Mewkle have prepared me for that much. We only make haphazard decisions here after all, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mewkledreamy – 04

Listen, you with the accent. Do me a favor and just disappear.

Wanting to learn more about Maira, Yume tags along with her for a day. But when they go to Maira’s house, Yume can’t help but notice that Maira’s stuffed animal looks familiar….