Kiratto Pri☆Chan – 113

I realised the people’s smiles there were even better!

The new photo studio in Pri☆Chan Land, Shutter Stage, is having its opening event! To kick things off, the Kiratts and Meltic are having a modelling showdown! Which group has the ultimate models?

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Release Schedule Announcement

Hello! We’re changing our priorities from this week onwards. Two things are happening:

1) Mewkledreamy will be released closer to its air date. Consequently, this means PriChan will be released later in the week around the time when we normally put out Mewkle. You’re still getting getting both shows a week — it’s just that the order has changed!

2) We will aim to release new Mewkledreamy episodes earlier in the week first with a TV source, and again later in the week with an Amazon webrip (when it becomes available). We realise people are eager to watch Mewkle as soon as it airs, and we realise there are others who prefer watching with the best source available. Two releases is how we will accommodate this demand.

Thanks for reading. We really love both PriChan and Mewkle and hope it shows in our releases.

Stay safe!